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Densified RDF production plant

This line is used for processing the dry portion generated in the shredding, biological drying and waste screening sections.
A magnetic separator divides the ferrous metals and then a ballistic separator divides one portion with a high content of inert materials from the flow destined for the production of RDF.  
In order to also recycle plastic drinks containers, a pneumatic separation system is envisaged on the flow of the rejects from the ballistic separator.
The two-stage ballistic separator is equipped with components which cause the lightweight portion to move forward. This flow, with a high content of combustible materials, is then processed by two secondary shredders installed in parallel.
The shredders have a single rotor with a low rotation speed and a sizing control grid.
Another magnetic separator attracts further ferrous materials released from the shredding process before feeding the densifiers.
The two MTD S.R.L. flat-die densifiers work in parallel. The pressure rollers force the RDF through the holes in the die and this allows the material to be densified as well as giving complete control over sizing.
Using conveyors, the RDF is transported to an automatic loading system of detachable containers, with which the fuel is transferred to the adjacent combustion and electrical energy production plant.

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