System Production


Each plant is created according to the specific requirements of the customer; the fundamental parameters which are used during the development of a new project are productivity and size.
The mill, equipped with a loading hopper, is fed continuously by a belt or by a feed screw. The product is transported from the hopper to the mixer through the batcher which is composed of a feed screw regulated by a geared motor variator with electronic rotation control; this system allows the user to increase or reduce the number of revolutions (and therefore the production of the pellet mill) based on the input of the main motor.

The material is inserted into the mixer, composed of a shaft with blades which, in addition to homogenising the product, also allows other additives (molasses, steam etc.) to be added if necessary through the designated connection.
From the mixer, the mixture moves to the forced feeding section where feed screw transportation takes the material inside the die.
The pressure obtained by two or three rollers (dependent on the type of machine) causes the product on the die to be transformed into cylinders with variable lengths which can be controlled by cutters located at suitable distances from the die.

The mill unloads the pellet directly onto a bucket elevator which transports the material into the vertical cooler. As air at room temperature passes through the cooler, the pellet is cooled; this process is performed using a centrifugal fan placed above a cyclone which sucks in the hot air and decants the dust which has formed inside the cooler.
According to requirements, it is also possible to use counterflow coolers equipped with crumblers and sieves or screens: the first allows the product to be shredded, if necessary, while the second screens the material, removing any dust remaining from processing.
At this point, the pellet is sent to the storage line.


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