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MTD S.r.l. brings together the experience, technology and quality of products from MTV, a company which, founded in 1978, has operated with excellent results, above all in the pellet production sector for fertilisers and animal feed.
Developing this inheritance, MTD S.r.l. has applied these technologies in other sectors such as waste (RDF), sawdust and pharmaceutical products.

With the introduction of the pellet production process (which consists of transforming a product in powder or fibrous form into small cylinders, called pellets, with varying levels of density, ensuring that the characteristics of the initial product remain unaltered) in these fields, it has, in fact, been possible to achieve considerable advantages depending on the sector of use, advantages which have nevertheless ensured increased productivity for all.

At the heart of the pellet production plant there is the pelletizer or pellet mill, of which there exist three types: ring-die, flat-die and waferizer. The ring-die pellet mill is driven by trapezoidal belts or gears, while the flat-die and waferizer versions are driven by a gear train mechanism. The versions differ due to the type of die.

  • “TITANIC” model ring-die series: These are versatile, easy-to-use pellet mills, suitable for animal feed, fertilisers, sawdust and small-size products. They come in both belt- and gear-driven versions.
  • “MIURA” model flat-die series: These are pellet mills suitable for processing difficult, special products such as animal feed with long fibres and large-size products, such as RDF, with very satisfying results. This series is gear-driven.
  • “DIABLO” model waferizersThese are pellet mills with a horizontal die used if the final product needs to have a large diameter such as horse feed and waste.

In addition to the pellet mills, MTD S.r.l. also supplies other components for the plants, such as pellet coolers (available in counterflow and horizontal versions), crumblers built to break up the various products and screens to sift and measure the pellets.